you don't have to lift a finger to help. just a fork.

Fresh, delicious southern-inspired meals made from scratch. Knockout bar program. Warm and welcoming hospitality. And something inspired by Dolly Parton...always.

We haven’t changed, except to give more of the change we have to those in need.

In March 2018, after 16 years as part of the Richmond community, we shifted our business model to focus on ending hunger in our area by donating all of our net profits to Feedmore, Central Virginia’s core hunger-relief organization dedicated to providing neighbors in need with healthy meals and hope for a better tomorrow.

Food insecurity is a cause that is very close to our hearts, having both personally dealt with hunger throughout our childhoods. Many of you are familiar and have helped with our work to fight hunger at Comfort, and at our sister restaurants – Pasture and Flora. The fact that hunger still plagues over 200,000 of our neighbors is troubling to say the least. In addition to ongoing gifts, and with your continued support, we will also focus on programming such as fundraising events and awareness campaigns to make a real and lasting impact in our community.

Come. Dine with us. Bring your friends. Experience local food. Enjoy our house crafted cocktails, local beers and whiskey program – or that divine sweet tea! With each food and beverage purchase, you will be helping your neighbors to feed themselves and their families. 


Thank you for being a part of this journey and fighting with us to end hunger and build community through dining and hospitality.



visit us to help #givecomfort.



200 West Broad Street

Richmond VA 23220

(804) 780-0004